Huyton Parish Church

Church History

It seems that in all probability the Church existed here in Saxon times. The ancient font which is in use today is Norman and is thought to be part of the original church. Amongst the clergy the earliest recorded is Ernald who was chaplain in 1191.  A list of all the clergy right up to the present day is displayed in the porch of the church. 

Over the years, in response to changing circumstances within the parish, the church has passed through many phases of alteration. In the early 1800’s the north aisle was added, the south aisle enlarged and in 1873 the chancel lengthened and the floor raised. During these works, the font in present use was reinstated to its present position after it was discovered buried beneath the bell tower floor. As for the screen, it was originally a parclose screen which was reshaped to fit in its present position during the reorder of 1873.

 The most recent addition to the church is the installation of a kitchen and a much-needed accessible toilet. This project was completed at the beginning of September 2011 and compliments the now well used Community Room. The long-awaited rewiring of the church building is now complete. However, over recent years it has become very clear that the church needs 'Refreshing' once again, in particular the heating system of cabinets dotted about the building is inadequate, as during the winter months the temperature drops below healthy levels. However, as to upgrade the system to a more efficient system which will no doubt require the building as a whole to be reimagined.

Further information about the history of Huyton Parish Church can be found on the ARK (archive resource for Knowsley) website.